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It is my mission to help couples and families become connected, confident, and peaceful.

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CBT Therapy And The Importance Of It

CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. In short, it is a type of mental health intervention that focuses on improving negative emotions and conditions through focusing on the mind. CBT believes that by bringing awareness and challenging negative thinking, one is able to change their mood and behavior. 

Did you know? 

We have roughly 48 thoughts per minute… That’s about 70,000 per day! 

So what exactly are thoughts? A thought is simply an electrical signal that fires with neighboring neurons in the brain. The more we think a thought, the stronger the signal becomes and the more neurons it recruits nearby. 

Is CBT helpful? 

The thoughts that go through our mind are no doubt powerful. CBT is a highly researched mental health intervention that improves conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and much more. If you struggle with intrusive/catastrophic thinking or have a loud inner critic, CBT may be very helpful for you. 

What’s missing? 

CBT continues to grow and adapt and now incorporates mind and body practices such as meditation. Although I believe CBT is powerful and I often use it with my own clients, it sometimes fails to address a very important part of our well-being. Our nervous system! If you are interested in trying out CBT, I would recommend working with a therapist who also has training in the mind-body connection. 

Working with Me

If you work with me you can expect to see flavors of CBT throughout our time together. Addressing thoughts and developing habits of positive thinking is an important part of what I teach my clients. In addition to the CBT practices I will be supporting you in getting to know and understand your unique nervous system and body. I find this an essential piece of helping clients achieve their goals since the state of the body impacts the quality of thoughts. 


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