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Before becoming a therapist, I worked as a preschool assistant and child care provider for many families. I cherished the moments I had with families because I love children, and I care deeply about how and what causes them to live healthy and happy lives. 

Two simple questions drive me to help children:
1) What causes some children to struggle more than others?
2) What can change to free those children from struggling? 
My work is all about finding answers - and, more importantly, solutions- to these questions. 

Let’s look at an essential part of what makes children unique. The prefrontal cortex allows us to make sense of our feelings, bodies, decisions, control our behavior, and, most importantly, know and ask for what we want.

So, when children act impulsively and throw tantrums in the middle of the grocery for “no good reason,” you can take a breather and remember that some children don’t have the mental capacity or mental ability to control themselves or make sense of the sensations in their bodies – let alone think about future consequences.

Therapy helps develop the prefrontal cortex through integration (helping your child make sense of memories, sensory experiences, bodily sensations, and emotions) and connection (attunement of the parent-child relationship.)

Therapy for Children and Adolescents 

I work with children and their parents to enhance brain development.

Does your child have strong reactions to the fit of clothing? Does he throw tantrums in car seats or when you introduce a new type of food? Or maybe your teenager has a powerful reaction to a friendship conflict or a school project gone wrong. 

These are signs your child may have individual differences that can make ordinary situations extra challenging. Challenging for them, for you, and the rest of your family. Therapy addresses these differences by supporting your child's sensory/emotional needs and providing you with specific tools that will help prevent future meltdowns and overwhelm.

With the right tools and support, children do well when they feel safe in their environment, allowing them to connect with loved ones and make meaningful memories.

See the checklist below for signs that your child may benefit from the support that therapy can offer. 

Every child is operating from a different basic set of needs.

Does your child experience the following?

Physical complaints/ challenges (stomachaches, unusual restroom use, headaches, frequent "sick days" from school)

Tardiness/Avoidance (of school, play dates, social events or situations)

Sensory Sensitivities (to touch, taste, sound, texture, light, or change in environment, going from calm and happy to a tantrum or meltdown quickly)

Self (or other) harmful behaviors (banging of the head, pulling hair, biting, scratching, hitting self or others, including parents and siblings)

Unusual socialization patterns (having a difficult time making friends with children of the same age, says or does this to seek attention)

First, I will meet with you, the caregivers, to gather a thorough history of your child. This process will occur in one or two sessions. 

Right away, we will begin to develop an individualized "blueprint" for treatment that will be based on your child's unique sensory profile, genetics, strengths, abilities, triggers, and other factors based on a child's history.

Depending on your child's age, I will continue to see him or her with or without you (depending on what will be most beneficial for the child's healing).

As both child and parents learn more about how the mind and body work together, I will use interventions, including art therapy, play (floor-time) therapy, and mindfulness training to increase your child's ability to regulate/tolerate emotions, reduce anxiety, and strengthen the parent-child relationship.

What should I expect from this process?

A Thriving Future

It is a joy for me to work with parents who only want the best for their child. The best future involving healthy relationships, a good career, good health, and joy-filled moments. 

The unfortunate reality is children who experience challenges earlier in life face more obstacles separating them from future success.

I am dedicated to helping your child tackle these obstacles, many of which may not be visible to teachers and loved ones. Therapy is a process in which your child will strengthen their emotional development, which impacts their future health and relationships, especially the relationship they have with you. Contact me below to set up a free consultation. 

Let's set your child on the path to a happy, successful, and meaningful future.


Not ready to come into the office? 

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