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Many couples come to me feeling alone, misunderstood, frustrated, and plain exhausted. They are craving the connection.

Although communication is important, it is simply a piece of the puzzle. The truth is, when intimacy and connection is restored in a relationship, the communication naturally improves. This is why it’s important to go beyond communication strategies in couples therapy. 

If you can picture an iceberg, “miscommunication” is what would be the tip of the iceberg. What we all see above the water. Traditional communication-based therapies address this “tip” providing you with techniques and tools to use in the moment.

Although helpful, you are left with the rest of a giant iceberg. During our sessions you can expect to talk about memories, childhood, body sensations, and feelings tha all contribute to the way you are with your partner. The way you talk to them, the way you absorb messages, the ways you feel most triggered, 

I help you get it back. 

Therapy for Couples

I love working with couples, because once these deeper issues are addressed, feelings of acceptance emerge. This acceptance breeds connection impacting romance, intimacy, and shared joy. 

If you’re tired of feeling unloved, it’s time to step into your calling of connection. If you have more questions about the process, feel free to shoot me a message and I will address them! 

Become a conscious couple. 


Not ready to come into the office? 

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