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The teenage years are known to be “difficult” for the teen and “challenging” for the parents. Why?

During the adolescent years, teens face a tidal wave of change, including hormone shifts, social demands, academic pressure, identity development, and physical changes.

Although these changes are “normal,” sometimes a teenager’s behaviors can be a clear indication that they are suffering and need additional support.

For teens who show signs of suffering but don’t receive help, not only will their relationships suffer, their brain development also takes a hit.

A teenager’s brain grows rapidly, forming and evolving with every emotion, relationship, and experience. When a teen experiences anxiety or depression, their life can become disrupted as their body goes into survival mode. 

How Much Is Too Much?

Therapy for Teens

The part of the brain that puts words to experience has not yet fully developed for most teenagers. Therefore, they typically struggle with identifying what they are struggling with. This makes it extra challenging to seek the support that would help them feel better.  

Instead teenagers SHOW it. The behaviors that you are concerned about is your child’s way of showing that they need more support, that something isn’t right….

Why challenging behaviors can be a gift

Can your teen benefit from therapy? 

When teens face mental health challenges their entire lives become impacted. They can experience physical symptoms of anxiety such as headaches and stomach aches, they might have disruptions in their friendships and they might even be hesitant to participate in events that should be enjoyable such as school dances or activities. 

My work with teens goes beyond talk therapy. I focus on relaxation training and other techniques that help teenagers get to know their bodies and make sense of the discomfort they are experiencing. Introducing your teen to therapy doesn’t only benefit them in overcoming current challenges, it prepares them to handle their future with a sense of confidence and ease! 

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